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Services offered

  • Legal Consultation in person and over video-calling
  • Legal Opinions
  • MAT(Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal) Cases at Aurangabad and Mumbai
  • High Court Cases at Aurangabad, Bombay and Nagpur
  • Mediation and out of court settlements
  • Arbitration
  • Pro Bono efforts towards social causes of large significance leading to a public interest litigation (which cases fall under this category is strictly at the discretion of our office)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have very little understanding of the legal matters and courts and have never filed a case before. How does this work and what happens when I come to your office ?

  1. Have a first consultation with us. We discuss possible remedies in your specific situation.
  2. Once we have decided on which legal remedy (or remedies as the case may be if we are going for a multi-pronged remedy), we let you know which documents are needed and how you can procure them. The next step is for you to gather the relevant documents
  3. Once the documents are ready, we generate a vakil-patra (Vakalatnama or power of attorney) and Affidavit for you to sign
  4. Depending on the complexity of the facts, either your instructions will be obtained and you would be free to go, OR you will be asked to be present for dictation performed while drafting the matter to provide any additional details of the circumstances as well as validate what is being drafted.
  5. Once drafted your case will be registered and filed. You will be asked to sign the drafted pleadings/reply and deposit the necessary court fees and Xerox charges (for details about the components of the burden of expenses see below)
  6. Sit back and relax for updates via sms for your court hearings. Final court orders will be posted via our facebook page and if it applies to you, you will receive a sms from us.

Will my problems be solved by legal endeavors ?

There are no certainties and legal action is not the panacea for all problems, but these are the assurances that we can promise :
  1. If your case lacks legal merit and the likelihood of getting relief is insignificant then we strongly advice you against doing it during the initial consultation but leave the decision in your hands once you are made aware of all facts.
  2. In any case we always explain and walk you through what recourses we can avail for your specific situation and provide likelihood of success and what that success means in each of those scenarios, based on our previous experiences and legal acumen.

Who will argue draft / argue my case ?

All drafts are rigorously proof-read, checked and reverified multiple times before being finalized and submitted. Almost all final hearings are tackled by Adv SB Talekar in person, except in the rarest of rare situation when multiple matters are at the same time and rescheduling isn't an option, when other senior members of the chamber tackle the hearing. Intermediate hearings are tackled by different advocates of the chamber as per cases allocated to them. No matter is ever handled by a member of our chamber without having our fullest confidence and specific training and instructions pertaining to your matter. Rest assured every case is the personal responsibility of Adv Talekar and he is personally involved every step of the way in every matter.

How will I know what is happening in my case, how will I be notified of any updates ?

You will be contacted via SMS. In case your contact details were not submitted originally please contact our reception. In case of your final hearing your order will be available via facebook and you will be notified via SMS as usual.

I need to know something. Who should I contact?

The first point of contact at our office for you is:
  • Renisha Madam (Receptionist)
  • Walmik Bhaiya(Clerk)

Can I contact sir (Adv S.B. Talekar) directly ?

AT YOUR OWN PERIL and only in EXTREMELY URGENT situations.

If what you need to know doesn't need immediate attention and can wait a little bit you are better off contacting the reception, or Pradnya Talekar. Adv SB Talekar is extremely busy and has a tight schedule, and your by-passing the standard procedures will not help you because he will ultimately redirect you to somebody else for mundane matters that don't need his immediate attention.

What is the burden of payment on me as a client and what are the various components of expenses that I will bear and when are they due?

Explanation of various expenses that you need to bear as a client:
  • Advocacy Fees: This is inclusive of all efforts on our part for preparing and arguing the case. This is NOT a result based fees but rather a charge for preparation and effort. This is due in parts, once prior to admission and at least once again prior to final hearing, and at most once during each intermediate hearing depending on complexity of the matter and the resource pool of our office dedicated towards preparation of the hearing.
  • Court Fees: This is a charge that the court levies for admitting your case for formal legal procedures. This is due at admission of the case.
  • Printing and copying charges: This is expense for printing and copying (xeroxing) your documents to be served to the court and each party on the opposing side. This is due whenever additional documents are generated/ become available and need to be formally submitted. This is NOT INCLUDED in our Advocacy Fees.

How long will my case take ?

Frankly it depends on a myriad of factors and there is no clear answer primarily due to specific circumstances to your case, formalities of legal procedures, court backlog, etc. But here is what we can promise:
  • We will file your case within a week from completion of preliminary procedures.
  • In cases of extreme urgency (for example bail applications) we expedite our processes and procedures and file application the same day or the next day.
  • Adjournments will never be taken at our behest for want of preparation.
  • We will strive to get your matter heard at the earliest and decided favorably.

What happens when a case is decided ?

If decided favorably, we meet and you can collect certified copy of the court ruling from us. If decided against us, we meet and discuss various legal options left to us to appeal to the same or a higher court again.

I live abroad and need guidance regarding <insert your problem here>. Can you help me ?

We provide consultation over skype and other video calling services. Also Adv SB Talekar is available during the month of May in New York City, for in person consultation. These consultations usually are geared towards land-property disputes and family matters within India.


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