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Career Guidelines and Recommendations

Young professionals in the field who desire to join the High Court Bar are not required to know much about procedural laws as well as recording of evidence. They need to know most of the local laws apart from knowledge of jurisprudence, constitutional law and administrative law. They have to focus more on basic principals of interpretation of laws. The writ jurisdiction of the High Court is expanding everyday. As compared to writ petitions, the traditional civil litigation is on decline. On the contrary, the criminal matters including applications for regular bail, anticipatory bail, quashment of criminal proceedings and criminal appeals are on the rise.

Of late it has become necessary to go in for specialization if one has to choose his career in law. Some advocates are well versed and specialized in educational matters, labor and service matters, others in cast matters, few others in matters relating to local bodies. Similarly, there are advocates who are specialized in traditional litigation that is civil and criminal matters.

In early 1960s, tenancy matters were on the rise; in early 1970s, ceiling matters made up for the chuck of petitions filed; in the 1980s, rent matters flooded the High Courts; in 1990s, there was sudden growth of co-operative matters. However the said litigations has dimished in volume. Of late, enormous government activities are consuming most of time of the writ court. Matters pertaining to bail and cast/tribe claims bring quick fortune and limelight.

The laws which are often pressed into service are the Maharashtra Employees of Private Educational Institutions (conditions of service) Regulation Act, Maharashtra Village Panchayat Act, Maharashtra Municipalities Act, Maharashtra Rent Control Act, Maharashtra Public Trust Act, Secondary School Code Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, Maharashtra ZP and PS Act, MRTP Act, and Maharashtra Civil Service Rules, apart from Articles 226 and 227 of the Constitution of India.

In order to have sound knowledge of law and acquire the capability to deal with a variety of matters, a lawyer has to have sound knowledge of several facets of law. He has to keep pace with day to day developments in law and more particularly the latest judgments of the High Courts and Supreme Court which keep on changing law everyday. There is no shortcut or substitute to hard-work.

The advocates dealing with revenue matters, appeals and revisions before the Ministers earn well. However the practice at such forums may not be fair all the time, and therefore there is a risk of loss of reputation. Such of the advocates who concentrate in tribunals such as labor and industrial courts, school and college tribunals, co-operative court and appellate tribunal, charity courts are good building blocks for fame and fortune due to specialization in respective fields.

Several new avenues such as law officers in co-operate sector, solicitor firms, public prosecutor/law officers associated with investigation of crimes, judicial officers apart from legal advisers in banking, insurance and several other private companies and public undertakings and government and semi government organizations, are thrown open which many of the advocates may not be aware of. Advocates offering services to companies in mergers and acquisitions, liquidations, securities and execution of deeds are highly sought for. Arbitration, conciliation and out of court settlements has become highly lucrative these days.


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