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The law chambers of Adv. S.B. Talekar are providing exceptional legal service in the High Court of Bombay (Principal bench and Bench at Aurangabad) and Supreme Court of India since 1983.

Areas of specialization:

  1. Constitutional matters
  2. Service matters
  3. Education matters
  4. Co-operative matters
  5. Verification of cast and tribe claim matters
  6. Regular Bail
  7. Anticipatory Bail
  8. Quashing FIR
  9. Public Contracts and Arbitration matters
  10. Labour and Industrial matters
  11. Income Taxation matters
  12. Election Petitions
  13. Matters relating to local laws such as Municipal Laws, Panchayat Laws and Rent Laws
  14. Property claim matters
  15. Accident Claims Insurance Claims
  16. Land Acquisition Claims
  17. Matters relating to Admission to professional courses

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